Friday, January 22, 2010

Some Nicole by OPI Polishes [Fall and Winter 2009]

Good morning all! I hope today is the start to a great weekend for you guys. I'll be honest, I'm sitting here in bed watching Lifetime Movies (don't lie, you've watched them, too!) and checking out some new polishes I just got. These were the first Nicole by OPI's I ever tried.

I laughed when I said the name You're Blue-tiful outloud. I'm a sucker for cute little things like that. But on to the actual polish; I really like this one. It's a dusty blue-perwinkle with a shimmer/frost finish. I used three coats, but it can certainly be done in two. Below is a picture without the flash, so you can see what it looks like out of the light.
Sorry about the ridge in my nails; I'm having some issues ever since I took my acrylics off.
Then I put on the topcoat Let's Get Star-ted. It's a pink-purplely looking mixture, with a clear base and particles of glitter and, of course, stars. Normally I don't care for these types of polishes, but I will definitely wear this one!
Then I tried You're Blue-tiful with the Sprinkle of Twinkle topcoat. Clear base with bits of microglitter, as well as holographic hexagons. I thought I had distributed all the sparkles evenly over the nail, but now that I see the picture, I didn't do a great job. Normally with polishes like this and Let's Get Star-ted I dip the brush, paint my nail with polish (that normally contains the glitter) and then go back and dip the brush into the bottle to collect the bigger pieces, like the stars or hexagons. Then I can just dot them on my nail wherever.

I also tried Violet Vibe; I would call it a mauve-y purple with lavender undertones and a shimmer/frost finish. Okay, so I'm not great at describing polish colors, but you get the idea. This one applied nicely in two coats. This color isn't really "me," but it's still a good polish for the purple-loving ladies out there.

Let's Get Star-ted over Violet Vibe. This is a pretty cool combination, I think. The stars have a pink hue to them, so these two go together very nicely.
Finally, topped with Sprinkle of Twinkle. In this picture, you can see the holographic hexagons pop better.

You're Blue-tiful and Violet Vibe are from Fall 2009; Sprinkle of Twinkle and Let's Get Star-ted are from Winter 2009.



  1. I really like You're Blue-tiful!! I'm such a sucker for those cute names too - they make you want to buy them :) haha

  2. ps: I nominated you for a best blogger award!

  3. great blog, i also gave you a best blogger award ;)


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