Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Orly Bloom Collection [3 out of 6]

Let me begin by saying, Kudos, Orly. Mad props. Here I have three of the six polishes in Orly's Bloom Collection and I love 'em,

What I love about this collection is that these aren't the colors you expect to see in the spring, but they are spring colors. These are deep, rich hues that completely stand out from all the Easter egg-y colors. Don't get me wrong, I love all these pastels and sweet colors coming out, but this is just a bolder collection that I think you can wear past spring and into summer and fall.

But, if you are craving softer, brighter colors, Orly made a second collection, Bloom. How cool is that? Thinking outside the box while also giving the people what they want.

Sorry, I'm just really happy about these Orly collections. Anyway, onto the polishes!

Blushing Bud is a blue-based pink. Kind of fuschia. My mom would love this one. I can see myself wearing this one my toes. It looks a little darker in real life in you're in the shade, but this shot is pretty accurate. It reminds me of raspberries, even though it is in no way the color of an actual raspberry. I don't know. But I like it.

Ginger Lily is a rust-colored shimmer. Kind of red, kind of orange, kind of brown. To me it's mostly brown.
Here you can see the base color better.
And just in case you were wondering what a real ginger lily looks like. They come in all different colors, and I've seen a few that were really the color of Ginger Lily.

Finally, we have Thorned Rose. It's a deep purple-red. It reminds me of red wine. I put three coats on this one, whereas the other were just two, because I wanted to make sure I had even coverage. That's probably my mistake, though, and two coats would be fine.

Formula on these was great, thin but way pigmented. Like I said, the first two are two coats, and the third needs three.
What do you think?


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