Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A look at what's coming up...

 Most of you guys have seen these, but I'm pretty excited about the collections that are coming up for 2010, so I thought I'd mention them here!

First, the OPI Hong Kong Collection of spring/summer 2010, due out in February.

Bling Dynasty: A char-"ming" gold that shimmers and glimmers
Red My Fortune Cookie: And this rich red is in my future
Hot & Spicy: A sizzling coral that’s a kung pao wow!
Dim Sum Plum: A berry delectable delicacy
Jade is the New Black: The vibrant green is the new fashion vibe
Suzi Says Feng Shui: A serene cobalt blue to balance your yin yang
A Good Man-darin is Hard to Find: But you've found it- in this zesty red-orange!
Lucky Lucky Lavender: Be pretty and prosperous in this luscious light purple
Meet Me on the Star Ferry: A Kowloon-lit, moonlit violet
Panda-monium Pink: Lend a panda a hand-a in this uproarious light pink
Pearl of Wisdom: Smart girls choose this lustrous pearl shade
Chop-sticking to My Story: I mean it- "pick up" this warm caramel shade

Ooooh! I am so excited for this collection! I'm most excited for Jade is the New Black, Suzi Says Feng Shui, A Good Man-darin is Hard to Fin, and Pearl of Wisdom! See anything you like?

And China Glaze's Poolside Collection, which is to be released in April...

Pool Party
Flip Flop Fantasy
Sun Worshiper
Yellow Polka Dot Bikini
Kiwi Coolada
Towel Boy Toy
Neons!!! These seem pretty neat; not your average purple-yellow-pink-orange quartet of neons...I mean I love me some OPI and Essie neons of the past, but these China Glaze neons look like a fresh take on and old concept. Let's hope the formula is up to par with the China Glazes of the past...neons are tricky.
Check out Essie 2010 Spring Collection...

Neo Whimsical
Pop Art Pink
Red Nouveau
Tart Deco
Van Dgo
Typical Essie, I think, as far as colors go. Nothing really jumps out at me, except maybe Tart Deco. We'll have to wait and see, I guess. What about you guys?
Finally, we have Orly Spring 2010: Sweet,which are to be released in April as well. WOW. I want these!

Pixy Stix
Cotton Candy

I want these, too! Lemonade, Gumdrop, and Snowcone look amazing!
So what do we think? Any polishes you're dying to have? Or are these all just eh for you? Do tell, amigas!


  1. I'm dying for the China Glaze and the Orly collex. I wish they were available now

  2. I know!!! I'll be broke when they finally release them!

  3. I want Jade is the new black from OPI, I love greens! I also want a lot of the pastels from orly and neons from china glaze :] :] preeetty colors!!


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