Monday, September 28, 2009

Bad, bad, awful, bad nails

We've all been there; the hellish ordeal that is the broken nail. For me, it normally--but not always--happens when my nails are naked. And I have this thing, this compulsion, this little freak out that I do in my head when I see that a nail is breaking...I pick at it. Honestly, I cannot leave it alone. I know a lot of people do this, but I honestly just lose my mind and pick at it, hoping it won't break, but knowing that if I pick at it, it will break. (No duh.) Wow. That's an expression I haven't used since third grade.

Anyway. I got frustrated this weekend, because I had not one, but two breaking nails. Combined with the crappy day I was having, I did what I normally do when my nail breaks, and basically massacred the surviving ones. Yeah, I tried to clip them down to an acceptable length, but my I ended up just ripping them until they couldn't get any shorter. And now, without further ado, I give you my awful nails. I quite pissed with myself, because they obviously take a loooooong time to grow back. Yes, the obvious solution in this case would be, Don't be a psycho and then take it out on your nails. But what's done is done, and now I am left here, disappointed, with very, very short, stubby nails. I'll be picking up a bottle of Biotin tonight.

I hope that my nails grow back quickly, but then, doesn't everybody? Don't be a wacko like me when you break a nail. And for that matter, anybody have any tips on how to keep nails from breaking? Or to make them grow faster? Have a lovely day, all!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

OPI Dating a Royal

As the cashier said when I was buying this polish, "This is a hot color." It's not too bright, not too dull. Bold, but not too funky. I really think it could work for a bunch of different skintones. Application-wise it's pretty good with a nice, thin formula. The first coat is sort of water-y and tends to pool up just a bit. With the second coat, though, it's becomes opaque and covers evenly. As an added plus, it dries pretty quickly. The only issue is that you have to be careful when you remove it; it comes off the nail easily but stains the skin on your fingers. A small price to pay for such a great color, I would say. OPI Dating a Royal is from the collection Mod About Brights from summer 2008.

OPI Banana Bandana

I guess yellows just do not work with my skin tone. OPI Banana Bandana is a great summer color, but it doesn't really do anything for me. I love the polish though; a banana-buttery creme. It is streaky, but not terribly so. I recommend two thin coats and then one thicker coat. It does take a slightly longer to dry than most polishes, but removes very well. I really like this color, but it doesn't look great on me. Somebody with a darker skin tone could really do it justice I think. Banana Bandana is from the OPI SUNBelievable Collection from summer 2008.

Monday, September 14, 2009

OPI You Don't Know Jacques!

Most bloggers say this about this particular polish, and I concur: it looks sort of iffy in the bottle, but very attractive on the nail. You Don't Know Jacques! is a brown creme. I really can't describe it well...taupe-y, grayish, muddy? Anyway, I'll be wearing this a lot this fall! You Don't Know Jacques! is from La Collection De France from fall 2008.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

OPI Designer Series Glamour

As a warning, skip down to the pictures if you don't want to read my incessant rambling. When you see a polish you love, buy it. Or, if you're anything like me, you'll spend months trying to find it in every random beauty store you see. I think I saw OPI DS Glamour going for $20 on eBay. Way back this spring I had picked up three polishes from OPI at my local Ulta, and as my cashier was ringing me up I saw she had on one of the prettiest polishes I had ever seen. She told me it was an OPI, from a special series or something, and pointed to the display of white boxes. I only had enough money for three polishes and there was no way I was putting one back, so I vowed to come back the next day and bring mas dinero.

It was gone the next day. I didn't even know the name or series, just that it was OPI and came in a white box. After some intense Google-ing I found out it was the Designer Series; not the one that had just been released, but the old one that had been discontinued. I'll quit blabbing for a sec to show you a picture...Glamour is definitely a purple, yet it shows up blue in almost every picture I take. The picture below is pretty accurate to the real color. Every time I went into a store I would look for it, but in most places the people didn't even know what I was talking about. (On a quick side note, does anyone else feel like kind of a dork asking for a specific polish, and then giving it's name, brand, series, release date, ect? I mean, I know I shouldn't be embarrassed for wanting to by something, but still.) This past weekend I was sick and had to run out and get some groceries and just happened to pass a Trade Secret. I felt like crap and really, really did not want to go in, but there I was, parking the car and dragging myself inside. And there it was: an entire wall of OPI Designer Series white boxes. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but is there any way to read what polish is in the Designer Series boxes without actually opening them and taking the bottle out? If not, that is absolutely ridiculous. Anyway, I was going through all the boxes (that took a while, and some of the colors look alike in the box) the cashier warned me that there were mostly pinks. Finally, in the back row in the corner, DS Glamour. I actually said, "Awesome!" outloud and smiled at the checkout lady, who probably thought I was nuts. Here's another pic...this one looks really blue.

Holy holographic! So excited was I that I had found it (and for something crazy like $3.55) that I opened it and put it on my nail while I was driving home. Don't worry, I was at a red light. Anyway, this color is exactly as gorgeous as I had remembered. The formula and application are flawless. Opaque in two coats and dries smooth to the touch. I wish I had some sunlight pictures to show. I couldn't stop staring at my nails all day. And here's a picture of the bogus box they put it in, plus one more shot of my nails, where you can really see it's holo-ness.

Glamour is from OPI's Designer Series released in 2007, I beleive. This is a discontinued shade. WTF?! WHY would you discontinue something so gorgeous?! Anyway, I wish you the very best of luck finding this polish if you like it.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

China Glaze Orange Marmalade

Cue Pattie Labelle. Or Xtina, depending on which version you prefer. Orange Marmalade is a fabulous orange with a reddish undertone. It dries smooth and gleams in every light. Very fun, very summer-y. Although, and maybe this is just because I nearly got lost in Walmart because of all the costumes and pumpkins and fake spiderwebs draped over every aisle, it reminds me of Halloween. I wouldn't call it a fall color, but you could definitely rock it October 31st. I wish there was a juice this color, because it looks like it would taste so good! Sorry for that random fun fact. Orange Marmalade is from the collection Summer Days of summer 2009.

Orly Green with Envy

A lot of times, I see a polish on somebody else and fall in love. Such was the case with Green with Envy. My friend at work had her nails painted teal (turquoise?) and was very patient with me when I interrupted her story about French class, grabbed her hand, and shrieked, "That's so pretty!" After the initial shock, she told me that she'd found it at her friend's house and randomly painted her nails. This incident occurred in the beginning of what would become a full-fledged nail laquer addiction, so I immediately inquired as to what the polish brand was, and what the name was. She couldn't remember the name, but the brand might have been Orly. Fast forward a few months; I had searched my local Sally's and Ulta but to no avail. Right before I left for college, my mother treated me to a pedicure, where, as I browsed through the assorted half full OPIs, I spotted this lone Orly tucked away in the corner. Bingo. So my toes end up looking fabulous. I reminded myself all the way through the foot soak to look at the bottom of the bottle after the man was done painting my nails. Of course, when the time came to pay, I strolled out and was halfway home before I realized I still didn't know the name. By this time, the salon was closed, and I would have felt kind of stupid going in there and demanding the name of a polish. Today, I probably wouldn't think twice about it.

Sadly, I left town for college, and looked in my new local Ulta and Sally's, but could not find this freaking color! I came back home for Labor Day and went to get my eyebrows waxed at the same salon, but the color was GONE. Finally, I got desperate and searched through Orly's website for the exact hue, but I wasn't positive (you know how the colors sometimes look different online?) ANYWAY. Christmas passed, it was a new year, and in late spring, I went to the salon on a weekend home to get my eyebrows waxed again. As I was paying I spotted a glimmer of teal goodness peeking out from under the counter. For sale. Booyah. So of course we had to play the buying-from-behind-a-counter game (this one? No, this one. This one? No, follow my finger. This one. NO!) and she finally had to let me come back behind the counter and get it myself. Finally, it was mine. MINE, I tell you! Okay, so the whole scene wasn't as creepy and life-or-death as I just described, but I had finally found it! One swipe of plastic later and I was carrying it home with me. I even called my boyfriend to tell him about my major success. He was thrilled...or at least, he tried to be. He didn't really get why I was getting so worked up over nail polish, but he attempted to join me in my jubilee.

I forget why I started writing this. Oh, yeah. Green with Envy. The thin but cloudly formula goes on smooth and dries quickly. The first coat is very transparent and algae-looking, but the second makes it opaque and the true color. And as happy as I am with the look of the polish, one issue still stands: the name. I mean technically I guess it's green, but it's definitely not a true green. More of a blue-green thing going on.

So if you managed to get through all of that, I highly recommend picking up a bottle of Orly Green with Envy. You don't know, you might regret it and never be able to find it again. I'm just saying. Green with Envy is from the Orly Hot Stuff collection, but I do not have the release date for you guys.

Friday, September 11, 2009

OPI Lourve Me Lourve Me Not

OPI comes up with the best names for their polishes. Another purple for you guys today. Lourve Me Lourve Me Not is a nice warm grape color and not so dark that it looks black in the light. It almost has a wine-y hue in some lights, but it's definitely a purple. It applies nicely in two to three coats and dries fairly quickly, compared to others.
I know this one's a bit blurry, but it was the only picture I took that got the other side of Lourve Me Lourve Me Not; in some lights it looks Barney the Dinosaur purple. I would call this polish a good transition color, for those that want to branch out from safer colors but not blind themselves with neons and brights quite yet. I do admit, I love converting people from your "everyday" colors to shades that are a little bit more wild. Lourve Me Lourve Me Not is from the OPI La Collection de France for fall 2008.

China Glaze Tree Hugger

Although I'm not a tree hugger, I am in love with this polish. Don't get me wrong, I don't start forest fires or anything. But I'm not going to be embracing foliage any time soon. Anyway.
Stunning, right? I love it. It's the color of a Granny Smith apple or a fresh leaf on a tree in spring, with very fine shimmer throughout. It applies wonderfully; I use three thin coats but two "normal" coats will do. I get complimets every time I wear this. My doctor actually picked a bottle up for herself after my physical this year. Tree Hugger is from the China Glaze Ecollection of spring 2008.

OPI No Room for the Blues

Once again, PLEASE excuse my cuticles, especially on my index finger to the far left. Here's a polish I haven't worn in a while. It's a bright-but-not-neon blue, the color of a sky on a bright day. No Room for the Blues applies great in two coats and the color is slightly more muted than the picture suggests.
No Room for the Blues is from the OPI BrightPair collection released in April/May of 2009.

China Glaze Let's Groove

Purples are great, no? I love China Glaze Let's Groove! As a warning, the pictures are a little blurry, but that was the best way I could capture the true colors. And now I'm humming Cyndi Lauper.
Let's Groove is a deep purple, slightly "burple" on the nail, with a reddish-purple shimmer. It's fun but chic at the same time. In some places, it could be work-appropriate. Application is a breeze: two very thin coats. You could probably get away with one. I LOVE this polish!
I'm excited to wear this beauty this fall and winter! It seems to go well with all skin tones that I've seen...sorry I can only show you my pale, pale fingers! Let's Groove is from the China Glaze Retro Diva Collection for fall of 2009.

Essie Hard to Get

Bubblegum pinks are always fun, right? And I love Essie Hard to Get on my fingers and toes. It's got a blueish undertone in real life that doesn't always show up very well on camera. Sorry my nails look a little streaky; a drop or two of nail polish remover into the bottle will de-chunk it. Although it's from a spring collection, it's cool enough to wear in other seasons, too. Essie Hard to Get is from the spring 2008 In the Mood collection.

PS. Excuse my cuticles...I'm working on it! If anyone has a nice cuticle treatment to recommend, please let me know!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

OPI The "It" Color

Oy to the vey. This polish is just not working for me. I love the color. Scratch that, I love the idea of this color. But the love stops there. And I apologize in advance for the inaccurate photo op.
The "It" Color is a mustard-y yellow that is the exact color of a taxi in my beloved New York City. But the tone makes my skin looks dirty. Grungy. In real life, on the nails and in the bottle it is far less banana yellow and much more public transportation yellow. This particular polish takes FOR.EV.ER to dry. And, like most yellows, it is streaky as hell. The first coat goes on nice and thin, but after that it's all out the window. Maybe an expert could make the application work, but for a mediocre like me, it is a nightmare. Maybe someone with a darker skin tone and a very steady hand could pull it off, but not I. The "It" Color is from the collection Mod About Brights of summer 2008.

OPI A Grape Fit!

Good morning everyone! Today I decided to try on OPI A Grape Fit! The result? I like it. I don't love it, but I like it.
It's a three-coater. The first coat goes on smoothly; it's the second and third that can get a little streaky. I love me some fun-colored cremes, but for some reason, I am not crazy about this one on my nails. I did, however, wear this on my toes to a wedding this summer and I loved it! On my nails it just seems to fall a little flat. The cool undertones may just not work with my skintone. I will definitely use this in the future, though, for pedicures and nail art! A Grape Fit! is from OPI's Bright Pair Collection from May 2009.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Essie Pink Lemonade

I love, love, LOVE the name. I wish I could say the same for the polish. However, Pink Lemonade just isn't doing it for me. First of all, it's sheer, and sheers really aren't my thing. Secondly, its formula makes it hard to get an even coat across the nail. I love the frost finish, but the polish tends to pool up on parts of the nail. Maybe it's just my bottle or my own ability (or lackthereof) to manuever the brush. I'd love to try Pink Lemonade over an opaque white polish and see how it turns out.

The color really does remind me of pink lemonade, though. And now, an excerpt about the actual drink from my favorite movie ever, The Sound of Music.
The Baroness: Not too sweet, not too sour.
Max: Just too,

Essie Pink Lemonade is considered VHTF to some people, but according the the Essie website, it is not a discontinued shade.

Essie Showstopper

It's slightly cooler outside today than it has been this past week, so I'm definitely in the Fall Mood. Time for Essie Showstopper.

Showstopper is a hard picture to capture; it some lights it's a rosy magenta, like in the picture above. In others it's a deep mauve-cranberry combo. Looking at the polish in the bottle, it seems PACKED with shimmer, but on the nail it is much more subtle. The gold shimmer makes it a little bit more fun, but not too Out There. Even my mom, who is incredibly conservative when it comes to polish colors, can rock it at work. Showstopper goes on nicely in two coats and dries smooth.
Showstopper is from the Essie Winter 2007 Collection and can be found online at various e-tailers.

OPI Candy Cane Cutie

Good morning all! Today I wanted to share one of my favorite OPI's that has been my go-to red since I bought it. With one coat it's practically opaque with a berryish tint, but with two it's definitely a red. The formula is great; it's pigmented and applies evenly.

It looks cooler in the pictures than it does in real life. It's bright but not flashy, so it's definitely wearable and its slight pink-red shimmer gives it depth. It's definitely one of my staple fall/winter polishes. My one issue, though, is that it stains my nails big time. Nothing a little base coat can't fix, so don't let that stop you from picking this baby up! This picture doesn't begin to do it justice. Candy Cane Cutie is from a 2007 Winter collection, and after doing a little research, I've discovered that it's considered a VHTF (Very Hard To Find) polish.


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