Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Baby Kitties

Well, my babies are making their blog debut; I try not to stray too far off topic here, but I've been playing with the new camera my mother got for Christmas, so if you don't feel like ooohing and ahhhing over pictures of my pets, consider this your warning :)

Let's start with the youngest, Cotton. She's about three years old now and spends most of her time playing with whatever she can find (pens, dog kibble, the occasional dead bug, ect.) If you're not careful, she'll jump out behind a wall and grab your legs and try to get you to chase her. She also meows and grunts more than any other cat I've ever seen. Yes, she is quite large, but the vet says she's healthy, just a little husky.

Lily is my illusive nine year old cat; she hides a lot and only comes out every once in a while to demand to be petted. She likes to play fetch with the tires of my brothers' collectors item Hess trucks, which I don't think they (my brothers) appreciate. Lily is also our huntress and brings in more dead animals than I care to remember, and she doesn't just stick to the typical birds, mice, rabbits; she goes after butterflies and frogs, as well. Charming.

Daisy is seventeen and has been with me since I was a little military brat, going from state to state. Even though she's old, she can still kick some major ass. She is also the most talkative cat I've ever met and sleeps on my chest every night when I'm back at home. Right now she's attatched herself to me as I write this and every time I move she looks up and meeoooooooooows at me.

I also want to take a second to say that all three of my cats were strays before we took them in or adopted them, and there are still tons of homeless animals out there that need a good home. I ask you to PLEASE check out your local animal shelter if you're thinking of attaining a new pet; not to knock those that breed animals, but please, please save an animal's life and adopt instead!

Anyway, thanks for checking out my beauties; check back soon, because I should have a few new swatches up soon!


  1. Such darling little babies! You know I can't resist cute animals hehe. =)

  2. Your kitties are adorable!! Thanks for reminding everyone to adopt or rescue :) I have 4 rescue kitties and 1 foster kitty and I love them all so much. Thanks for sharing pictures of your wonderful cats!!

  3. Aww they're so cute :) I love animals (as you can see from the zoo on my blog ) xD and I'm glad you took them in as strays, my guinea pigs came from a shelter ^_^ yey.

  4. Cotton is so cute! And Lily looks exactly like my boyfriends cat! He's really young, and my boyfriend found him in a parkinglot. He's really funny acting though, he's all like floppy and you can do anything to him, and position him however you want, and he won't move, haha :)

    xo Caitlin

  5. Your cats are really beautiful, especially Daisy made me squeel a little extra in front of my laptop. :)

    And I agree about former stray cats/cats from cat shelters, I have 4 cats who were homeless before I found them and I'm never getting a kitten from a breeder ever again. I think it's great to be able to save someones life and get a sweet cat at the same time! It's a win-win situation, both for the cat and the owner. :)

  6. Thank you, all! I love them soooo much! And it's great, those of you that have adopted rather than purchased! I hope you guys are an example to the rest of your friends and family!


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