Thursday, December 17, 2009

Just a little OPI-Gotta-Stop-Going-to-Ulta

Damn you, Ulta, and your manipulative buy two, get one free sales! You're breeding addicts, are you happy? You know what you are? An enabler. You enable an addiction to continue.

If it is not clear by now, I went to Ulta today "just to look around." Pfft. But in my defense, I have finished my Christmas shopping for my family already. Kind of. Almost.

Mediterranean Moonlight...I've wanted this one for a while; you can't really tell by the picture, but it's actually quite shimmery. I think I'll give this one to my mother; she's always looking for a peach or a coral color.

Onto bling-tastic Dazzled by Gold. This polish is freakin' sparkly, folks! It is really too opaque to be a topcoat, I think, but it is on the sheer side, so this above is four coats. Totally worth it, in my opinion. It's a yellow-gold, not a bronze-gold, and it the light it practically glows. Another pic kind of gives a better idea of its appearance? (I took it neighbors gave me some concerned looks as I stood in freezing temperatures on the front porch taking pictures of my fingers, by the way...anyone else ever experience that?)
It almost has a foil finish, but not quite. I wish these pictures showed how great this polish really is.

And now, Holiday Glow. I absolutely love this; again, not nearly as beautiful on camera as it is in real life. A medium brown with warm gold and brown shimmer. It's very chic and snazzy...I feel like it would be awesome paired with a little black dress at a cocktail party. And now I only wish I attended more soirees and sophisticated dinner parties and stuff like that so that I could show this one off more. Either way, I'm going to be wearing it a lot. Michelle at All Lacqured Up said it, and I agree: OPI does pop out their best colors for the holidays.

Mediterranean Moonlight is originally from the Mediterranean Collection of spring/summer 1994 and was re-released in the OPI Colorcopia Limited Edition Collection of summer 2009. Dazzled by Gold is from the OPI Holiday 2009 Ulta Exclusive Collection. Holiday Glow is from the OPI Holiday Wishes Collection of winter 2009.


  1. I love dazzled by gold, I really need to pick it up! Gorgeous nails btw :)

    xo caitlin

  2. You won't be sorry, it looks so pretty in person!


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