Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Entity Pearl Enamel Collection

My first time trying Entity polishes and I love them. The Pearl Enamel Collection is a set of seven pearly (duh) colors, all with a very fine shimmer throughout. Almost all of them required three coats to be opaque.

Pearl Fuschia is an almost-neon Barbie pink. Love it!

Pearl Red needed only two coats; I don't know if I'd consider this one a "red" but it's a fun Hawaiian punch-y color.

Pearl Orange is like Pearl Fuschia in the sense that it's another almost-neon.

Pearl Yellow is the least streakiest yellow I've ever used; it's color is somewhere in between a lemon and a banana; soft but vibrant.

Pearl Green is a leaf green. It seems to be an exact dupe for China Glaze's Treehugger.
1 and 3 are Entity Pearl Green and 2 and 4 are China Glaze Treehugger. Honestly I can't tell the difference between the two, so if you have one you probably don't need the other.

Pearl Turquoise feels really tropical and fun. This one shimmers like crazy in the light.

Pearl Violet's picture isn't completely accurate; in real life it isn't quite this dark, but purples never photograph easily.

This is the box they sent me the polishes in...isn't it pretty? It's the background wallpaper for my cell phone now.

These colors are really fun and bright, and I love the pearl finish. I think they could have been a little bit more creative with the names, but that's just my humble opinion. The Pearl Enamel Collection was released for the spring/summer of 2009.



  1. I have the same collection. I recently reviewed them on my blog. I love the colors and the box. I agree the names could have been a bit more creative but, 2 out of three is not bad. Entiy, is a brand that I keep on my "top shelf"

  2. These are gorgeous! I especially love Pearl Fuchsia, but the purple, blue, and green are fantastic too.

  3. ohmigosh I NEED these. Where do you order these from!?!?

  4. They are gorgeous, aren't they? I loved this collection! Ange-Marie, you can find them at TransDesign, or at Enity Beauty's website.

  5. they are pretty, i love the yellow, blue,purple. where can u get this brand to buy

  6. Lyssa, check TransDesign or Entity Beauty's site. Other e-tailers might have them, too; I have a few links on the home page.

  7. I love Pearl Turquoise and Pearl Violet! I'd never heard of this brand before either; I'll have to check it out.

  8. I highly recommend them, Zara! The formula and wear was amazing.


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