Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Entity Cuticle Oil

Just wanted to share a nice cuticle treatment I've been using with you guys! I know I don't speak for everybody, but for me, cuticles are definitely an issue; I pick at mine and frankly, they often look atrocious. But, since I've started using Entity Cuticle Oil, I have noticed a huge (and immediate!) difference in the way they look and feel. Yay for instant gratification!

Here you can kind of see the damage...sorry if the picture is a little off; I was going to take a picture of my left hand like I normally do, but I had already put on the oil, so I couldn't show the difference! Anyway, this is the Before Cuticles picture.

After...much better, right? My fingers still look a little oily, but I was running out the door and I couldn't wait for them to dry completely. Just dab the oil on with a little brush and they transform before your eyes. When you open the bottle it smells like HELLO! You know that faint nail salon smell? Except it's not so faint. However, when it soaks into the skin, it smells remind me of a lip gloss I used to have.

Anyway, I certainly recommend Entity Cuticle Oil, especially if you want results now, because it's dab, dab, done. Pretty hands. You can find it on their website, but it was hard for me at first to find it. Just go to Shop, and then Entity Acrylic Set, and it's under UV Top Coat and Cuticle Oil.

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