Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ulta Cool Melon

Rarely do I say this, but I think the polish looks better in the picture than it does in real life. Cool Melon is actually pretty accurately named, with a nice shimmer throughout. It almost has a frost finish, though, which can show brushstrokes if you aren't being overly meticulous. It covers in two coats, but of course I used three. Cool Melon is part of the Ulta Nail Lacquer group. Ulta has a bunch of different sets, like Ulta Salon Formula and Ulta Professional Lacquer, but this polish is from the plain Ulta Nail Lacquer one.


  1. Hm this is pretty! I used to have an ulta polish but I had never used it and just ended up using the bottle to put a franken in, ha! I'll have to give ulta polishes a go.

  2. I would certainly recommend them; if I see a color I like the next time I go to Ulta I'll pick it up, instead of heading straight for the OPI shelf!


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