Wednesday, November 11, 2009

OPI Season's Sparkling Collection

Even though it's almost time for Holiday 2009 sets, this is a Holiday 2008 collection of mini bottles. It has three little polishes and a clear topcoat, and came in a cute pouch thing that was supposed to double as a wristlet. I ditched the jewelry and focused on the actual polishes. Pretty Plum-tuous is a nice plum (duh) creme and my favorite from this collection. Two coats and you're all set.

Berry Brilliant is another rich creme. It takes three coats to become opaque.

Season's Sparkling is a glitter polish. I think it's more of a topcoat, really. It's got little black, blue, purple, and pink glitter pieces. It's relatively thin, though, so a few coats is necessary. From left to right, I have Season's Sparklings over my bare nail, Orly Liquid Vinyl, and OPI Alpine Snow.

Season's Sparkling over Berry Brilliant and Pretty Plum-tuous.

Season's Sparkling over Berry Brilliant and Pretty Plum-tuous with China Glaze Magic Matte topcoat.

I like this cute little collection. I do have some issues with mini bottles, though. Adorable? Yes. Practical? Definitely. User-friendly? Yeah, not so much. I know some people love the little versions, but I have a hard time painting with the little brush and bottle. Still, OPI Minis make fun stocking-stuffers.


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