Wednesday, November 11, 2009

OPI Ford Mustang Collection

Another OPI Minis collection. The colors are based on actual Mustangs colors. It comes with three polishes and a clear topcoat, but I don't have the third polish, Revved Up and Red-y. My grandmother gave me this set a while back, and I used Revved Up and Red-y once and must not have closed it all the way, because it completely dried out.

Revved Up and Red-y is a cherry red with gold and silver shimmer. Very pretty and wearable. Below are the other two from the collection. Sorry I don't have this one to show!

You Make Me Vroom is a pure cherry red creme. It took four coats to be completely opaque, and doesn't dry very quickly, but it's a gorgeous polish. The Quintessential Red.

Gone Platinum in 60 Seconds is a silver shimmer. The first coat is kind of gloppy and streaky, but the third coat evens everything out.

I'm not really sure why OPI and Ford got together and made a collection, but either way the colors are very nice. The colors are discontinued, but they can be found online relatively easily. This mini set was released in summer 2005.


  1. Oh wow! I have never heard of this collection. Thank you for showing this! The silver is almost exactly the same shade of the Mustang convertible I had. Damn, I miss that car.

  2. I swear, these new collections keep popping up all the time! I'd never heard of this one before until just now either, so though it's from '05, it's new to me. They all look great on you, though. I wonder where this one can be bought online since I want this one too (just like a lot of them).

  3. I was surprised when my grandmother gave it to me! Another OPI mini collection?

    Samantha: I know they sell the two polishes I swatched at but I beleive they have discontinued Revved Up and Red-y!

  4. i have "revved up and red-y" still and its still full my mom had it laying around and i was like WOW!! amazing! but i didnt know what collection it was from till now! now i know why its called that!

  5. Haha I'm glad you found it! I think it's kind of strange for a nail polish company to get together with Ford, but then, I ALWAYS see cars and think, I wish that color was a nail polish!


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