Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My first Color Club polishes!

The awesome folks at Color Club sent me six polishes to try and here they are. I went into it with a neutral attitude. Okay, that's not true; I've seen Color Club polishes on other people and I've always wanted (but could never find in stores) to experiment with this brand. I am happy to say that these polishes lived up to my expectations. All six are best represented in their first picture; the second one is blurry, but it shows the look of the polish in the shade better.

Pink Lust is a great neon pink; my pictures don't show how bright it really is, but trust me, it is NEON. This shade is popular all year long, and for good reason.
I tried to show the neon glow, but I couldn't...this is as close as I was gonna get. Surprisingly, it wasn't streaky, like most neons usually are, and drys smooth. Not matte, but not completely glossy. For even coverage I used three coats.

Wild at Heart is my favorite out of the six; purple base with a holographic finish. In the light this one sparkles like crazy.
In the shade it has a brown/goldish tint about it. I could have done one coat but I used two.

On the Wild Side is a shade I've never seen before. In the bottle it looks like a plain silver metallic, but on the nail it has a light seafoam sheen.
In some lights it can look less green and more silver. Because it is a metallic, it does show brushstrokes, but they're not too terrible. The first coat was pretty bad, but the second one smoothed it out.

Catwalk Queen is a tough one to describe. Plum raisin-y wine color with brown undertones. I know, that was a crappy description, but it really does reflect a different color in almost every light.
This one definitely shows the raisin-y hue better. Two coats for this one.

Electronica is pretty awesome. In the bottle it looks like OPI Russian Navy, but it's a true burple on the nail. The shimmer is really evident on the nail. I used two coats for this guy, too.
Here in the shade it looks more purple than blue.

Finally we have Groove Thang. Bonus points for use of the word "thang" in the name! Groove Thang (seriously, just say it, right?) is a dark, dark purple. One of those almost-black-but-not-quite-there colors. The light brings out the blue undertones. Here it looks pretty black to me. I was a little concerned after I put on the first coat, because it looked pretty watery, but the second coat made it rich and opaque.

I was very pleased with these polishes; Color Club knows its stuff. Catwalk Queen is from the Catwalk Queen Collection from spring 2009. Electronica and Groove Thang are from the Dance to the Musique Collection of fall/winter 2008. Wild at Heart and On the Wild Side are from the Wild at Heart Collection from fall 2009. And Pink Lust is from the Color Club Flower Power Collection from summer 2008.



  1. I love these polishes. I'm dying to try them too, but I can't find the ones I want except on ebay for like double what they are worth. Ugh :( disappointment.

  2. Ange-Marie, you can find Color Club polishes on polish e-tailers; 8ty8 Beauty, Head 2 Toe Beauty, Victoria Nail Supply, Premier Nail Supply, ect. There are some links on the homepage to those sites if you're interested!

  3. i love your nails painted with purple and gliter

  4. Thanks, Jules...I wore that one on Thanksgiving and I got so many compliments!


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