Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My first Color Club polishes!

The awesome folks at Color Club sent me six polishes to try and here they are. I went into it with a neutral attitude. Okay, that's not true; I've seen Color Club polishes on other people and I've always wanted (but could never find in stores) to experiment with this brand. I am happy to say that these polishes lived up to my expectations. All six are best represented in their first picture; the second one is blurry, but it shows the look of the polish in the shade better.

Pink Lust is a great neon pink; my pictures don't show how bright it really is, but trust me, it is NEON. This shade is popular all year long, and for good reason.
I tried to show the neon glow, but I couldn't...this is as close as I was gonna get. Surprisingly, it wasn't streaky, like most neons usually are, and drys smooth. Not matte, but not completely glossy. For even coverage I used three coats.

Wild at Heart is my favorite out of the six; purple base with a holographic finish. In the light this one sparkles like crazy.
In the shade it has a brown/goldish tint about it. I could have done one coat but I used two.

On the Wild Side is a shade I've never seen before. In the bottle it looks like a plain silver metallic, but on the nail it has a light seafoam sheen.
In some lights it can look less green and more silver. Because it is a metallic, it does show brushstrokes, but they're not too terrible. The first coat was pretty bad, but the second one smoothed it out.

Catwalk Queen is a tough one to describe. Plum raisin-y wine color with brown undertones. I know, that was a crappy description, but it really does reflect a different color in almost every light.
This one definitely shows the raisin-y hue better. Two coats for this one.

Electronica is pretty awesome. In the bottle it looks like OPI Russian Navy, but it's a true burple on the nail. The shimmer is really evident on the nail. I used two coats for this guy, too.
Here in the shade it looks more purple than blue.

Finally we have Groove Thang. Bonus points for use of the word "thang" in the name! Groove Thang (seriously, just say it, right?) is a dark, dark purple. One of those almost-black-but-not-quite-there colors. The light brings out the blue undertones. Here it looks pretty black to me. I was a little concerned after I put on the first coat, because it looked pretty watery, but the second coat made it rich and opaque.

I was very pleased with these polishes; Color Club knows its stuff. Catwalk Queen is from the Catwalk Queen Collection from spring 2009. Electronica and Groove Thang are from the Dance to the Musique Collection of fall/winter 2008. Wild at Heart and On the Wild Side are from the Wild at Heart Collection from fall 2009. And Pink Lust is from the Color Club Flower Power Collection from summer 2008.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009


All right, guys, so I FINALLY think I have this Blogger thing squared away; now, when you leave comments (and thank you so much to those that already have! I have replied!) I will actually find out about it through email, instead of scanning every post for numbers of comments.

Thanks to those who have been incredibly patient while I attempt to get this thing up and running; I am clearly not tech-savvy. Also, I hope to have some new polishes to swatch sometime this week...


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ulta Cool Melon

Rarely do I say this, but I think the polish looks better in the picture than it does in real life. Cool Melon is actually pretty accurately named, with a nice shimmer throughout. It almost has a frost finish, though, which can show brushstrokes if you aren't being overly meticulous. It covers in two coats, but of course I used three. Cool Melon is part of the Ulta Nail Lacquer group. Ulta has a bunch of different sets, like Ulta Salon Formula and Ulta Professional Lacquer, but this polish is from the plain Ulta Nail Lacquer one.

Rimmel Frisky Clover

Interesting name. Frisky Clover is a deep salmon shimmer that I want to love, but I can't; the formula is less than desirable. This one also needs three coats to be opaque, even though it promies to need just one. It's also supposed to dry in a minute, but that's not the case, either. Rimmel Frisky Clover is one of their 60 Seconds Vinyl Shine polish.

Rimmel Ash Rose

Honestly, I don't stray far out of my comfort zone, brand-wise. OPI, China Glaze, Essie, and Orly are really the only polishes I wear. But I do have a few extraneous polishes that I'll just swatch anyway.

Rimmel Ash Rose is a dusty pink creme. Three coats to be opaque, but it gets pretty streaky. The color is kind of blah to me, and it reminds me of one of Emily Gilmore's pastel pantsuit combos. I like Emily Gilmore, but I don't really like this polish. Ash Rose is one of Rimmel's LycraWear 10 + Minerals polishes, which is supposed to last ten days with no basecoat or topcoat.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

OPI Ford Mustang Collection

Another OPI Minis collection. The colors are based on actual Mustangs colors. It comes with three polishes and a clear topcoat, but I don't have the third polish, Revved Up and Red-y. My grandmother gave me this set a while back, and I used Revved Up and Red-y once and must not have closed it all the way, because it completely dried out.

Revved Up and Red-y is a cherry red with gold and silver shimmer. Very pretty and wearable. Below are the other two from the collection. Sorry I don't have this one to show!

You Make Me Vroom is a pure cherry red creme. It took four coats to be completely opaque, and doesn't dry very quickly, but it's a gorgeous polish. The Quintessential Red.

Gone Platinum in 60 Seconds is a silver shimmer. The first coat is kind of gloppy and streaky, but the third coat evens everything out.

I'm not really sure why OPI and Ford got together and made a collection, but either way the colors are very nice. The colors are discontinued, but they can be found online relatively easily. This mini set was released in summer 2005.

Milani Good Morning Sunshine

I bought this polish a few years ago but I haven't worn it in a long time. It took four coats to get it opaque and hide the nail line, but they go on smooth. It doesn't dry very quickly, and I've noticed that once it is, it chips very easily and peels off. It's a pretty color but it leaves brushstrokes and just doesn't wear very well. I'm not sure when this polish was released, but on the Milani Cosmetics website it's listed under Nails, so I assume it is still available.

Happy Veteran's Day

Thank you to the men and women who risk and give their lives for our country.

"It is easy to take liberty for granted, when you have never had it taken from you."
Author Unknown

Happy Veteran's Day.

OPI Season's Sparkling Collection

Even though it's almost time for Holiday 2009 sets, this is a Holiday 2008 collection of mini bottles. It has three little polishes and a clear topcoat, and came in a cute pouch thing that was supposed to double as a wristlet. I ditched the jewelry and focused on the actual polishes. Pretty Plum-tuous is a nice plum (duh) creme and my favorite from this collection. Two coats and you're all set.

Berry Brilliant is another rich creme. It takes three coats to become opaque.

Season's Sparkling is a glitter polish. I think it's more of a topcoat, really. It's got little black, blue, purple, and pink glitter pieces. It's relatively thin, though, so a few coats is necessary. From left to right, I have Season's Sparklings over my bare nail, Orly Liquid Vinyl, and OPI Alpine Snow.

Season's Sparkling over Berry Brilliant and Pretty Plum-tuous.

Season's Sparkling over Berry Brilliant and Pretty Plum-tuous with China Glaze Magic Matte topcoat.

I like this cute little collection. I do have some issues with mini bottles, though. Adorable? Yes. Practical? Definitely. User-friendly? Yeah, not so much. I know some people love the little versions, but I have a hard time painting with the little brush and bottle. Still, OPI Minis make fun stocking-stuffers.


As some of you guys have told me, it's impossible to post anything like a comment on my blog. I am experiencing MAJOR technical difficulties, but I just wanted to let you guys know I'm working on it. Thank you so much for those that let me know, because I was totally unaware of the problem. Hopefully I can fix this soon.

China Glaze Emerald Sparkle

I don't think I even need to write something here. Just look at it. BE-YOO-TI-FUL. Okay, sorry. That was obnoxious. But still. This may be my favorite polish of all time. It's perfect; a deep green with green glittler. Three coats and it dries smooth to the touch and "shines like the dickens," to quote my seventh grade woodworking teacher. Even my male dentist, who, by the way, is not a huge fan of me, since I tend ask a lot of questions when I'm in The Chair and request Novacaine for every single minor poke and prod, complimented me on it. Now that is saying something.This is absolutely a staple in my nail polish collection. Pick this one up. You know you want to.
Emerald Sparkle is from China Glaze Sleigh Ride for Holiday 2008. It was re-released with the Glove You So Much collection of Holidy 2009. And, in case I didn't get the message across the first twenty times, I love this nail polish. LOVE IT.

China Glaze For Audrey

I am not a big jewelry girl, but I adore Tiffany and Co. Admittedly, a big part of it might be the name, the idea of Tiffany and Co. Very elegant and classy. Not so coincidentally, I love China Glaze's For Audrey. The name, of course, refers to that famous scene from Breakfast At Tiffany's, with the croissants and the sunglasses and the glamour.

Oh yeah, the usual stuff. Applies great in two coats, but I do three anyway. It's bright but not garish. Definitely interesting. I really wish I had one of their boxes with me to compare with the polish, especially when it's matte-ed. The color really is close to the actually Tiffany and Co. color. Next time I'm home, I'll try and get a picture with one of the boxes I think I still have at my house.
For Audrey was released on its own in a collection--well it's not really a collection, because it's just the one polish--called Something Blue from summer (I think) 2007.

China Glaze Secret Peri-Winkle

I think I say this way too much, but this is one of my favorite polishes. Because of that, I've started labeling my posts with My Favorites. I LOVE this gorgeous periwinkle polish. LOVE IT. It applies beautifully in three coats. I've read on one blog that it's a bit streaky, but I haven't heard more of/experienced any of that. I could go on and on about how much I love Secret Peri-Winkle, or you can just check out the pictures for yourself.
Below is another picture, kind of blurry, but gives a truer indication of the color. Secret Peri-Winkle is from China Glaze's collection Operation Colour for fall 2008.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sinful Colors 119 Fiji

I don't want to say this, but I have no choice. I hate this polish. Hate it. Absolutely detest it. Okay, maybe that's a little dramatic, but, if I'm being honest, this polish sucks. I'm almost embarassed to put this picture of such a crappy manicure up, but here it is. (By the way it took three tries to get anything that remotely resembled a manicure.) The formula is weird; it's sheer but thick and gloppy. I layered it over OPI Alpine Snow and I can't even remember how many coats of 119 Fiji I put over it. I couldn't do it in clean brushstrokes; the formula just piled up on itself and I was left basically dotting the polish onto my nails in little sections. As you can see, I couldn't even get it to cover all of the white base (at my nail beds and at the tips) because it just coagulated (sorry, I can't think of a better word at the moment) itself and refused to stay put. I love the cornflower blue-purple color with the blue and red shimmer, but the formula SUCKS.

This was my first Sinful Colors polish. It's not even my bottle; my friend left it in my room. I've heard great things about Sinful Colors, but my experience was not as pleasant. It left me wanting to smash the freaking bottle against the wall. However, since it is not mine, I simply returned it to my friend and swore to never ever again attempt to paint my nails with this particular polish again.

OPI Sand In My Suit

This is one of my favorite polishes, and it was love at first sight. Normally I don't go for such neutral colors, but I saw this one on display and I had to have it. Sand In My Suit is a shimmery nude (?) color. It gleams in the sunlight and gives my nails a very "clean" look.And, yes, I matte-ified it, just so that it would look more like sand. I definitely prefer the original.Sand In My Suit is from the OPI South Beach Collection of spring/summer 2009.

Orly Liquid Vinyl

As far as I'm concerned, Orly's Liquid Vinyl is the best black creme you can get at such a reasonable price. I'm not sure what's wrong with my camera, but it makes the polish below look less than perfectly smooth, which is what it really is. Liquid Vinyl is the perfect name for this one.
I had a hard time getting the shine to transfer from the nail to the picture, so this is the best I could do, but for what it's worth, it is very, very shiny. Liquid Vinyl is from the Orly Designer Nail Polish collection, but I'm not sure when it was released.

OPI In My Back Pocket

Not much to say about this one. The color just doesn't grab my attention. It's a nice summer-y orange, though it's also almost the color of a ripe pumpkin. I feel like it would look best on a darker skintone. It took a little maneuvering with the brush to even it out and eliminate the streakiness, but it wasn't too bad. In My Back Pocket is from the collection OPI BrightPair of summer 2009.

Essie Sag Harbor

Even though it's from a summer collection, Sag Harbor always reminds me of winter, like a snowy day in January. Honestly, I have no idea why the month January specifically pops into my head, but it does. But either way, the color is a soft powdery blue with a very fine shimmer. Typical Essie: applies well, minimum chipping. I've heard some people say their Sag Harbor's are a little streaky, but I can't comment on that, as it wasn't the case with mine. Sag Harbor is from the Essie Northfork Collection of spring 2009.

OPI Baby It's "Coal" Outside!

Enough with the punctuation in the names! Besides that, I love Baby It's "Coal" Outside! When I picked it up, I saw in the bottle that it was obviously black, but expected it to dry a more charcoal color. In actuality it's black on the nail, too, if not a tad bit gray, with all different colors of microglitter sprinkled throughout. It always catches the light and goes on in two coats, but I do three anway.
And with China Glaze Matte Magic, I tried to make it look more like coal...I think I succeded, but I prefer it sparkly. Baby It's "Coal" Outside! is from the OPI collection Holiday In Toyland of 2008.

OPI Suzi Says Da!

My dear novio refers to this color as "sh*t brown." Personally, I think it's a bit more elegant than that, but you be the judge. It reminds me of a chocolate Tootsie Pop. Suzi Says Da! is a dark, red-based brown creme. I wish all nail polishes applied this well. It's smooth and even, and opaque in three thin coats. Suzi Says Da! is from the OPI Russian Collection of fall 2007.

Essie Chubby Cheeks

Essie Chubby Cheeks is summery coral creme. It applies well in three coats, but Essie's small, thin brushes are a pain in the ass to me. It has a pink base with an orange undertone and dries relatively quickly. One of my favorites for spring/summer. Chubby Cheeks is from the Essie Summer 2009 Nail Collection.

Monday, November 9, 2009

OPI I'm Not Really a Waitress

Honestly, I bought the polish for the name, not the color. My mother was the one that pointed it out, and I always thought it was cute. After reading so many blogs that raved about it, I decided to buy it one day. I'm actually pleasantly surprised. Red with blue undertones and fine shimmer. It's very "classic" and sophisticated, and I wear it way more than I thought I would. It is pretty similar to my favorite red, OPI Candy Cane Cutie. 1 and 3 are I'm Not Really a Waitress and 2 and 4 are Candy Cane Cutie.

I'm Not Really a Waitress is from the OPI Classics Collection, but I'm not sure of the original release date.

OPI Sea? I Told You!

This polish reminds me of the ocean in pictures on postcards from the Bahamas. I love this blue! I use it a lot in the summer on my fingers, but mostly for pedicures. It's a nice cerulean with blue shimmer/glitter and almost has a greenish tint in some lights. It does tend to be a bit sheer; below is three medium coats. I also think it would look great layered over another another polish, but I haven't tried that yet. And on a sort of unrelated note, I don't really like all the punctuation in the name...kind of tedious. Anyways. Sea? I Told You! is from OPI's SUNBelievable Collection of summer 2009.

OPI Designer Series Extravagance

I picked up DS Extravance on a whim at Ulta one day and I fell in love with it when I put it on my nails. I used three coats to completely eliminate the visible nail line, but it applies wonderfully and dries pretty quickly. It's a nice purple-leaning-towards-pink holographic polish and it isn't as rare as some of the other DS polishes. And just for fun, DS Extravagace with China Glaze's Matte Magic topcoat.

DS Extravagance is from the OPI Designer Series of fall (?) 2008.

OPI Alpine Snow

WHITE. That's the only way to describe OPI Alpine Snow. It's a bright white creme that--and don't quote me, but--I believe is made specifically for French manicures. I don't know that I'd ever wear this on its own, but it's a good polish to have for layering sheer colors or nail art. It gets streaky very easily; I did two medium coats and then one thick third coat on top. If you've ever seen the OPI Matte version, it basically looks like Wite-Out on your fingers. The orginal is softer and smoother. Alpine Snow is part of the OPI Soft Shades Nail Polish Collection, but I don't know when specifically it was released.

China Glaze Shower Together

Even my just-reds-and-pinks mother likes this color. It's much more charming in person, but for some reason, this is just one of those polishes that is hard to capture in a picture. Shower Together is a beautiful blue creme; it's not bright, but not dark, and not quite dull either. Okay, so obviously I'm not great at describing colors, but I would absolutely recommend picking this color up! Three coats is best for even coverage; two will work but I loathe seeing the nail line underneath the polish. The color is cheery but not too eye-popping; love it! Shower Together is from China Glaze's Ecollection of spring 2008.

China Glaze Heart of Africa

Heart of Africa is a rich berry hue with reddish shimmer. It reminds me of cranberry sauce (YUM!) at Thanksgiving. It's opaque in two coats, but it is kind of a chore to take off, as it stains the skin on your fingers. Definitely one of my favorite polishes, and it's perfect for fall/winter. Heart of Africa is from the China Glaze Core Collection, which is made up of the most popular China Glaze polishes through the years. I'm not sure what collection it was originally released with, but I've seen it in most Sally Beauty China Glaze displays.

China Glaze Awaken

I loooove China Glaze's Awaken. It's a pretty gunmetal gray that seems to work with a bunch of different skintones. Below is one coat, but sometimes two is better to even it out. Because it's metallic, it does show brushstrokes, but if you're careful with the application it shouldn't be a problem. It wears very well, with little chipping and tipwear. Awaken is from the China Glaze Romantique Collection from spring of 2009.


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