Monday, October 26, 2009

Just some Halloween nails...

This was my sort of lame attempt at nail art for Halloween...I love water marbling, but I didn't have tape with me to protect my skin and I'm running out of polish remover, so getting every last bit of paint off my fingers was pretty I'm sorry if it looks a little sloppy. I put a matte topcoat over the first finger and then accidentally smudged it, so you can kind of see my fingerprint there. 1. OPI In My Back Pocket base, marbled with OPI In My Back Pocket and Orly Liquid Vinyl, with China Glaze Matte Magic topcoat
2. OPI Alpine Snow base, marbled with OPI Alpine Snow, OPI In My Back Pocket, and Orly Vinyl
3. OPI Alpine Snow base, marbled with OPI In My Back Pocket and Orly Liquid Vinyl


  1. Thanks so much! Water marbling is by far my favorite type of nail art!

  2. Mushas gracias, yo no hago mucho de arte en mis unas pero de vez en cuando lo pruebo lol.


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