Sunday, October 11, 2009

Essie Escapades

It's pretty late and I'm exhausted, but I can't sleep. I apologize for the shoddy paint job; my fine motor skills aren't anything to envy here. Anyway, Essie Escapades (that's fun to say) is a red polish with what seems to be orange's not pure red, but it wouldn't be considered coral, either. Typical Essie: good application, drys in a reasonable amount of time, lasts for a while. I did two coats, but you could just barely get by with one if you dare.I love wearing this color in the's a great pedicure shade, too. My only issue with Essie is the brushes. I really don't like painting with such a small brush. I would prefer a wider, flatter one, like OPI's. Either way, I love the color and the formula, so what can you do? Escapades is from the Summer 2008 collection.

PS, my nails are starting to grow back from my little incident earlier. I've been popping a Biotin every day though, which I have used in the past, in the hopes that it will make my nails healthier.

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