Saturday, September 12, 2009

Orly Green with Envy

A lot of times, I see a polish on somebody else and fall in love. Such was the case with Green with Envy. My friend at work had her nails painted teal (turquoise?) and was very patient with me when I interrupted her story about French class, grabbed her hand, and shrieked, "That's so pretty!" After the initial shock, she told me that she'd found it at her friend's house and randomly painted her nails. This incident occurred in the beginning of what would become a full-fledged nail laquer addiction, so I immediately inquired as to what the polish brand was, and what the name was. She couldn't remember the name, but the brand might have been Orly. Fast forward a few months; I had searched my local Sally's and Ulta but to no avail. Right before I left for college, my mother treated me to a pedicure, where, as I browsed through the assorted half full OPIs, I spotted this lone Orly tucked away in the corner. Bingo. So my toes end up looking fabulous. I reminded myself all the way through the foot soak to look at the bottom of the bottle after the man was done painting my nails. Of course, when the time came to pay, I strolled out and was halfway home before I realized I still didn't know the name. By this time, the salon was closed, and I would have felt kind of stupid going in there and demanding the name of a polish. Today, I probably wouldn't think twice about it.

Sadly, I left town for college, and looked in my new local Ulta and Sally's, but could not find this freaking color! I came back home for Labor Day and went to get my eyebrows waxed at the same salon, but the color was GONE. Finally, I got desperate and searched through Orly's website for the exact hue, but I wasn't positive (you know how the colors sometimes look different online?) ANYWAY. Christmas passed, it was a new year, and in late spring, I went to the salon on a weekend home to get my eyebrows waxed again. As I was paying I spotted a glimmer of teal goodness peeking out from under the counter. For sale. Booyah. So of course we had to play the buying-from-behind-a-counter game (this one? No, this one. This one? No, follow my finger. This one. NO!) and she finally had to let me come back behind the counter and get it myself. Finally, it was mine. MINE, I tell you! Okay, so the whole scene wasn't as creepy and life-or-death as I just described, but I had finally found it! One swipe of plastic later and I was carrying it home with me. I even called my boyfriend to tell him about my major success. He was thrilled...or at least, he tried to be. He didn't really get why I was getting so worked up over nail polish, but he attempted to join me in my jubilee.

I forget why I started writing this. Oh, yeah. Green with Envy. The thin but cloudly formula goes on smooth and dries quickly. The first coat is very transparent and algae-looking, but the second makes it opaque and the true color. And as happy as I am with the look of the polish, one issue still stands: the name. I mean technically I guess it's green, but it's definitely not a true green. More of a blue-green thing going on.

So if you managed to get through all of that, I highly recommend picking up a bottle of Orly Green with Envy. You don't know, you might regret it and never be able to find it again. I'm just saying. Green with Envy is from the Orly Hot Stuff collection, but I do not have the release date for you guys.

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  1. lol funny story! Green with Envy was actually the first Orly purchase I made the very first time I went to Sally's, almost exactly a year ago!


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