Friday, September 11, 2009

OPI Lourve Me Lourve Me Not

OPI comes up with the best names for their polishes. Another purple for you guys today. Lourve Me Lourve Me Not is a nice warm grape color and not so dark that it looks black in the light. It almost has a wine-y hue in some lights, but it's definitely a purple. It applies nicely in two to three coats and dries fairly quickly, compared to others.
I know this one's a bit blurry, but it was the only picture I took that got the other side of Lourve Me Lourve Me Not; in some lights it looks Barney the Dinosaur purple. I would call this polish a good transition color, for those that want to branch out from safer colors but not blind themselves with neons and brights quite yet. I do admit, I love converting people from your "everyday" colors to shades that are a little bit more wild. Lourve Me Lourve Me Not is from the OPI La Collection de France for fall 2008.

1 comment:

  1. Isn't it LouvRe, like the Parisian museum?

    Nice colour. Can't believe I didn't get it, when I had a chance to!


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