Wednesday, September 9, 2009

OPI The "It" Color

Oy to the vey. This polish is just not working for me. I love the color. Scratch that, I love the idea of this color. But the love stops there. And I apologize in advance for the inaccurate photo op.
The "It" Color is a mustard-y yellow that is the exact color of a taxi in my beloved New York City. But the tone makes my skin looks dirty. Grungy. In real life, on the nails and in the bottle it is far less banana yellow and much more public transportation yellow. This particular polish takes FOR.EV.ER to dry. And, like most yellows, it is streaky as hell. The first coat goes on nice and thin, but after that it's all out the window. Maybe an expert could make the application work, but for a mediocre like me, it is a nightmare. Maybe someone with a darker skin tone and a very steady hand could pull it off, but not I. The "It" Color is from the collection Mod About Brights of summer 2008.

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