Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Essie Showstopper

It's slightly cooler outside today than it has been this past week, so I'm definitely in the Fall Mood. Time for Essie Showstopper.

Showstopper is a hard picture to capture; it some lights it's a rosy magenta, like in the picture above. In others it's a deep mauve-cranberry combo. Looking at the polish in the bottle, it seems PACKED with shimmer, but on the nail it is much more subtle. The gold shimmer makes it a little bit more fun, but not too Out There. Even my mom, who is incredibly conservative when it comes to polish colors, can rock it at work. Showstopper goes on nicely in two coats and dries smooth.
Showstopper is from the Essie Winter 2007 Collection and can be found online at various e-tailers.

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