Monday, September 28, 2009

Bad, bad, awful, bad nails

We've all been there; the hellish ordeal that is the broken nail. For me, it normally--but not always--happens when my nails are naked. And I have this thing, this compulsion, this little freak out that I do in my head when I see that a nail is breaking...I pick at it. Honestly, I cannot leave it alone. I know a lot of people do this, but I honestly just lose my mind and pick at it, hoping it won't break, but knowing that if I pick at it, it will break. (No duh.) Wow. That's an expression I haven't used since third grade.

Anyway. I got frustrated this weekend, because I had not one, but two breaking nails. Combined with the crappy day I was having, I did what I normally do when my nail breaks, and basically massacred the surviving ones. Yeah, I tried to clip them down to an acceptable length, but my I ended up just ripping them until they couldn't get any shorter. And now, without further ado, I give you my awful nails. I quite pissed with myself, because they obviously take a loooooong time to grow back. Yes, the obvious solution in this case would be, Don't be a psycho and then take it out on your nails. But what's done is done, and now I am left here, disappointed, with very, very short, stubby nails. I'll be picking up a bottle of Biotin tonight.

I hope that my nails grow back quickly, but then, doesn't everybody? Don't be a wacko like me when you break a nail. And for that matter, anybody have any tips on how to keep nails from breaking? Or to make them grow faster? Have a lovely day, all!


  1. I totally relate! I have a serious picking problem. Luckily polsihing my nails curbs that quite a bit, but if a ragged edge catches my attention it's OVER :/ ...& don't get my started on chipped polish!

  2. old post is old xD
    i have a huge problem, my nails are weak and thin and i'm clumsy =/ but, i recently bought OPI nail envy and use 2 coats under every manicure...if i see a chip i have trained myself to instead get the file and buffer and try to save the situation. all housework is done in gloves. and of course i file them when i change manicures, about once a week, because honestly the longer they are the more chance i'll catch em on something.
    i don't know a way to make them grow faster, took me 3 months to get my babies to a length i'm happy with, but every day i fear that they're going to break T__T


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